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Our efforts

Make the products.
Let people using the products.
Action considering the global environment in all phases.


ISO9001 certification

We got the ISO9001 (quality management system) certification in 2004.
For all products, we monitor and manage process from material procurement to product shipment based on the QC process chart.

ISO14001 certification

In 2008, we acquired authentication of ISO14001 (Environmental Management System)
We are working on activities for environmental conservation. The activities are promotion of recycling by separation of plastic waste and paper, copy paper reduction, extinction of our office and plant, setting the air conditioning temperature sparingly, employee education, and promoting the sales of environment-friendly products.


ISO22000 certification

Our company produces many packaging materials related to foods. In this situation, although we are a packaging manufacturer, we set up food safety principles as same as other foods manufacturers. In addition, we take into consideration of food defense and BCP in order to produce safety and security products. That is why we got ISO22000 in May 2016.

Development and sales of environment-friendly products

・Formers Container(foam pumps)

Foam containers are changing content solution (detergent, etc.) to the high quality bubble, so users can efficiently use.
It is possible for them to put out the foam without any gas because of the pumps mechanism.
The amount of the liquid content (emissions) from the pumps is small, so they have been widely used in the everyday life as environmentally friendly products .

・Biomass (biomass cap)

We give our customers the suggestions of environmental load reduction by adopting the biomass plastic in the product.
Bio polyolefin is produced from bioethanol plant-derived.
Since the raw material plants are absorbing carbon dioxide (CO2) in growth stage, we can suppress the CO2 emissions after discarding and combustion. That is based on the idea called carbon neutral.
So, we have made an effort to adopt the biodegradable plastic, including polylactic acid.
In general, biodegradable plastic is decomposed into water and carbon dioxide by microorganisms.
So the material is gradually beginning to be adopted in the products as the "plastic that returns to the soil."
Although biomass plastic has been worldwide attention as the next generation of plastic, there are many issues of formability, cost, and commercialization.
But, we have made an effort to adopt the biodegradable plastic to our customers useful.

The Introduction of Demand Monitoring

We consider the recent power supply situation, we are introducing the demand monitoring equipment.
Along with the monitoring of peak power, we are focusing on the reduction of the amount of power.

The Introduction of Energy-saving Lighting

By switching the ceiling lighting of the factory and materials warehouse from mercury lamp to LED lighting, we can reduce about 75% of power consumption.
We are working to reduce the environmental impact due to energy saving.

The Introduction of the New Molding Machine

By switching the injection molding machine from a conventional hydraulically driven to electrically-driven, we have succeeded in improving the reduction and production efficiency of power consumption. In the latest efforts, we are working to reduce the power consumption by the introducing advanced hybrid molding machine to our plants.

foam pumps

biomass plastic

Demand Monitoring