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Development of New Products

We have offered the highest quality products by using the developed optimal design and production methods for semi-custom, full-custom requests.

Concept Meeting

Concept Meeting

First of all, we examine the product shape from the design and structure ideas based on customers preference for product development to meet their requests.Then we make basic design.

Product Design

Product Design

We consider the formability and materials properties based on the determined concepts.
Then we create a more specific product design proposal.
At this stage,we estimate the equipment and product cost.

Finally, we propose the optimal production plan that meets the budget of the customer.

Model Creation

Model Creation

We prepare to create the appearance model on the basis of the designed 3D data.
The models would be ABS cutting, urethane casting, and light modeling.

Prototype Mold Making, Prototype

Prototype Mold Making, Prototype

1)We manufacture a prototype mold (one cavity) that has been approved.

2)We create a molded product samples according to the actual product.

3)We evaluate the performance of the samples at the stage of prototype molds.

4)We promote the process for the mass production speedily by clearing the challenge point of product.

The Mold Production, Prototype

The Mold Production, Prototype

We predict performance requirements required for approval of new products and trouble that may occur during production.

We conducted a necessary baseline assessment by using many of the knowledge obtained from a variety of products that have been involved so far.

We run the corresponding solutions to problems.



We start production to meet the delivery date after it is confirmed that there is no occurrence of a problem in the prototype test.

In production, we always inspect the production line under strict quality management system.

Only products that pass the final check will be delivered to our customers.


We develop new products that fit the needs of the society by adding our unique idea to state-of-the-art technology.

Smart Hinge Cap (patent application 2003-275392)

Smart Hinge Cap

Hinge cap that you can open and close with one touch is now common.

Structure of a typical hinge part in the mainstream is provided with a breaking point on both sides around a center hinge with a spring property, which is "3-point hinge cap".

However, weaknesses of the "3-point hinge cap" is that the hinge portion is large.

So we have developed the "smart hinge cap" that keeps the spring property and is slim design.

The hinge portion of the "smart hinge cap" is formed of a thin film. This is one of the difficult point to make a shape design.

Our "smart hinge cap" is superior to similar caps of our competitors because the repulsive force is good enough and the thin film portion is not easy to cut.

KD Cap (patent application 2007-156302)

KD Cap

KD cap is able to hold a seal after opening the inner seal on the bottle mouth end of a container.

Normally, in terms of the sealing between the bottle and the cap, contacting the sealing portion of the cap to the bottle mouth inner diameter, named "inner rib system", is common.

However, It is not possible to insert the inner ribs into the bottle mouth with heat sealing.

Because of KD cap structure, contacting the seal to the bottle extraoral diameter, it is possible for us to achieve both the heat seal and cap sealed.

Because the seal part of KD cap is elastic, the cap sustain the sealing effect. So, it corresponds also to the long-term preservation.