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Management Philosophy


Our company runs toward a precious business which our products could contribute all concerned through manufacturing.

1.Creating new value
We create helpful new brand products for our future life.
2.Pioneering new markets
From global point of view, we have tried our best to pioneer new markets and customer needs for expanding our products.
3.Contributing to every stakeholder
We have esteemed our stakeholders and maximized them.
4.Harmory of environment and society
We have contributed to our society by creating environmentally friendly products for all environment, life and plant.
CEO Takaaki Sakimura

Our Strengths

We have observed the adoption of patented products to many customers, have had a track record of many years dealings with them, and have developed new products that never commercialized before.

In production plants, every employee is committed to thorough hall cleaning, and 6S [organize, tidy, cleaning, cleanliness, discipline, and safety].
We strive to be able to stable supply of high-quality products with customers' peace of mind.

In addition, TLC has acquired the ISO9001 ・ 14001 ・ 22000.

We systematically manage quality management based on QC process chart and Environmental protection, including energy saving.