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Production System

In order to produce high-quality products quickly, we have established an efficient and hygienic production environment.

We have established three production plants in the Tokyo metropolitan area and responsed to all customer needs quickly.

Sagamihara Plant

Sagamihara Plant

1787-1 Negoya, Midori-ku, Sagamihara-Shi, Kanagawa, Japan

Site area: 661 square meters

1F: 23 injection molding machines (100t ~ 280t), 23 automatic take-out machines, production office, mold maintenance room, workshop, carton material storage

2F: material mixing chamber

3F: 5 assembly lines, 2 belt inspection lines, general affairs office, drawing room, conference room, quality control room, development office

Outbuilding: automated warehouse, material warehouse.

Ibaraki Plant

Ibaraki Plant

644-34, Hitana, Nakagouchou, Kitaibaraki-Shi, Ibaraki, Japan

Site area: 13,223 square meters

1F: 20 injection molding machines (180t ~ 280t), 20 automatic take-out machines, 10 assembly lines, belt inspection lines, production office, sub-material yard, workshop, mold maintenance room
:1.5F: material mixing room

2F: general affairs office, meeting room, drawing room, quality control room, development office

Outbuilding: assembly plant (Plant No. 2), 5 material warehouses

Tokyo Plant

Tokyo Plant

4-8-32 Nishihashimoto, Midori-ku, Sagamihara-Shi, Kanagawa, Japan

Site area: 1,322 square meters

1F: injection molding machine (7t,50t), material storage, production office

2F: belt inspection line, 4 hot stamp machines, shrink machine, quality control room

3F: office, reception conference room

Production Equipment

In order to make high-quality products supply, we have introduced state-of-the-art and high-performance equipment.

Injection Molding Machine & Automatic Take-out Machine

Thanks to the equipment line-up that specializes in small parts, including the plastic caps, we can achieve flexible production corresponding along the needs of our customers.
We have set up an automatic take-out machine for all of the injection molding machines.
It is possible for us to reduce the cost of product supply due to the combination of the automatic assembly machine and automatic inspection machine.

Automatic Assembly Included Machine & Automatic Inspection Machine

In order to provide a high-precision, high-quality products, we have proposed the automation of assembly and inspection.
By automatic assembly and inspection, which would not be achieved manually, we have offered quick delivery time, reasonable product prices, and stable supply.

Automatic Alignment Box Packer

We need to align products for cosmetics, whose slight flaw would be a defect, and products with secondary processing of hot stamp or vapor deposition at the manufacturing stage so as not to scratch them.

Traditionally, alignment work was a high cost because the worker had done manually.

Now, we have strived to lower the cost of alignment work by automatic alignment box packer.

Injection Molding Machine

Automatic Assembly Included Machine

Automatic Alignment Box Packer

Clean Production Environment

In order to maintain the essential clean production environment to a high-quality product development, we believe a clean environment improvement from the factory design.

Positive Pressure System

We introduce a positive pressure system to the production site.
We strictly manage the clean production environment by preventing dirty air, moisture, insects from the outside from entering into the factory.
In addition, we run the energy-saving air-conditioning equipment for 24 hours every single day.
So, we manage the temperature and humidity in the factory.

Positive Pressure System

Air Shower

Air Shower

We prevent people from bringing the dust and hair into the production site by establishing an air shower system in the production site entrance.
We enhance the effect of dust removal by letting everyone who enter the production site pass the air shower and implement the roller seat.

Air cleaner

We eliminate dust, deodorize, and eradication by runnig the air cleaner for 24 hours in the production site.

Management System

We improve the quality of our products by creating a system that can quickly recovery in the unlikely event.

Production Control

We add a bar code label on all products and manage loading and unloading the products in the automated warehouse. We build a system for calculating the product inventory with the loading and unloading operation. When it encounters any trouble, we establish a traceability system for calculated back inspection date and molding date from the date of shipment established.

Quality Control

In the day-to-day operations of quality management, skilled personal with a certain eye use analog measurements such as vernier caliper and projector, and three-dimensional measuring device.
So, we can ensure the quality management from every angle.
We improve customer satisfaction by these efforts. We trust that is the biggest goal of every customer.
We are committed to continuous improvement.

Mold Management

We manage air conditioning for 24 hours in mold maintenance room. By performing regular maintenance, We protect customers' valuable assets.

automated warehouse

bar code

Quality Control

Mold Management